Tuesday, July 12, 2011

june 2011

Ah, Natsume Ono. At first I honestly was not a huge fan of her artwork, but in House of Five Leaves her style marries perfectly with the setting, and I finally GOT IT. If you want a really great read, you should check it out! If you want a really depressing great read with no series commitment, you should look for Not Simple!
I was really sad when my friend wasn't happy for me when I won the raffle T_T
But I was really happy when Ono-sensei drew me a picture of Masa from Five Leaves!
I got a poster of the characters from Gente and a copy of her new book, La Quinta Camera:
Big thank you to @VIZ_media for the Natsume Ono goodies waiti... on Twitpic

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