Friday, July 29, 2011

july 2011 afterwords

Victorian vampires and werewolf inspired by Gail Carriger's Soulless novel, which Yen Press is adapting to graphic novel format. I asked Wendy and Tania which they'd rather be, vampire or werewolf, and both of them picked vampires (as I did). Vampires are just...sexier somehow. And the idea of an eternity of free time has its appeals too. I think the involuntary nature of the werewolf transformation is a big issue with me. Makes them very appealing tragic characters, but I'll take a little murderous bloodlust over complete loss of self once a month during the full moon...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

july 2011

Back in ninth grade, we had this teacher who used to put little stickers on our papers if we got a perfect score. When that first test came back with a little smiley seal on it, we all chuckled a little. "What are we, elementary schoolers?" But after a while, we got kind of competitive about the stickers. We'd save them on our binders and compare who got the most, and if you didn't get full marks when there was a really cool one, you might actually get a little bummed... So while I don't expect a standing ovation for every task completed, I think a little sticker might go a long way motivation-wise...

I like nicknames because in a lot of cases, only one person calls me by a particular nickname... Makes me feel kind of happy to have a name especially from them... *^u^*

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

june 2011

Ah, Natsume Ono. At first I honestly was not a huge fan of her artwork, but in House of Five Leaves her style marries perfectly with the setting, and I finally GOT IT. If you want a really great read, you should check it out! If you want a really depressing great read with no series commitment, you should look for Not Simple!
I was really sad when my friend wasn't happy for me when I won the raffle T_T
But I was really happy when Ono-sensei drew me a picture of Masa from Five Leaves!
I got a poster of the characters from Gente and a copy of her new book, La Quinta Camera:
Big thank you to @VIZ_media for the Natsume Ono goodies waiti... on Twitpic