Monday, June 17, 2013

april 2013

After nearly five years, Shrimp Art draws to an end. While I am still happily part of the Yen Press team, I am now working from the great state of Michigan, and therefore can no longer report on the antics that are undoubtedly taking place in our New York office. It's been a lot of fun pushing myself to do this comic, and I thank those of you who have stopped by monthly to check things out. Eventually, this site will either be transformed into a general site for me to post artworks and such or will be folded into a new site, and I do hope you continue to visit. Thank you again!

february 2013 afterwords

The winter months are a perfect time for playing board games with friends and the fam (not that there's anything wrong with playing board games in the summer months as well), so this set of afterwords features some board game classics:
Kurt as Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly
Wendy as the poor sod from Operation
Abby as Colonel Mustard in the Afterword with the Lead Pipe from Clue
JuYoun as a cheese-stealer from Mouse Trap
Tania as a Hungry Hungry Hippo
As you can tell from this post and this one, I really like playing board games ^^