Monday, January 28, 2013

january 2013

2013. I resolve to do more art for me. Though I'm not closed to requests :P Also, you should check out James Jean. As Wendy said at James's opening, it's incredible to see what humans are capable of producing. Humans with crazy skills and talent, that is. We were too cowardly to approach him at the show. (You've all seen how that kind of thing generally goes for me.) But hopefully our contribution to that packed gallery opening in the form of our presence showed how much his work is admired and appreciated. Look forward to another year of Abby's developing skills here!

december 2012

Belated holiday greetings~ In the end, I got Kurt some Minecraft block magnets and filled his mini-fridge with Heineken, and JuYoun is now the proud owner of a Sheldon-approved Soft Kitty pillow. Go ahead and sing it. You know you want to. =^-_-^=