Wednesday, July 27, 2011

july 2011

Back in ninth grade, we had this teacher who used to put little stickers on our papers if we got a perfect score. When that first test came back with a little smiley seal on it, we all chuckled a little. "What are we, elementary schoolers?" But after a while, we got kind of competitive about the stickers. We'd save them on our binders and compare who got the most, and if you didn't get full marks when there was a really cool one, you might actually get a little bummed... So while I don't expect a standing ovation for every task completed, I think a little sticker might go a long way motivation-wise...

I like nicknames because in a lot of cases, only one person calls me by a particular nickname... Makes me feel kind of happy to have a name especially from them... *^u^*

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