Monday, January 17, 2011

january 2011

Sometimes I sense that my dearest friends aren't quite sure how to breach the subject of my work because it's completely foreign to them. Comics may be a growing market, but it's still rather small and still carries some unpleasant (and sometimes true) stigma. But I believe that for every person, there is at least one comic out there that it just for them. It's just wading through all the slog that's tricky. I'm honestly not very well-read in comics, and I'm picky about what I'll stick with, so please don't be offended if I left something off the list! Here are the comics I recommended for my friends (and for you!):

Y the Last Man (a single man and his monkey survive a plague that kills every other male on earth)
Fables (familiar fairy-tale characters adapt to life in modern NYC)
Demo (short stories with a slight supernatural twist)
Death Note (an eccentric investigator tries to track down an equally intelligent killer, psychological cat-and-mouse game)
Real (sports drama about three teen basketball players whose lives are affected by disability; everything by Inoue-sensei is amazing!)
Antique Bakery (four attractive men and the daily business at their cake shop underlies a darker mystery)
Nodame Cantabile (a rigid music student is forced to reevaluate when he meets the free-spirited piano player next door)

And Yen Press books don't count as gifts, really. Because I am biased. But there are definitely a few that deserve some attention!
Yotsuba&! (super, super cute antics of a precocious five-year-old; if you only read one YP series, this should be it)
Not Love But Delicious Foods (short stories about good food and people who love to eat it)
My Girlfriend's a Geek (this one I hesitate to recommend, but despite my misgivings about the subject matter, it made my laugh out loud when I read it. so...that must count for something)

Ah, there are so many more, but I could ramble on about my books all day, and no one really wants to read that, right? Yes. I also love getting recommendations, so please feel free to fire away!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

happy 2011.

Greetings and happy new year. I hope everyone had a lovely, lovely holiday doing all sorts of not-work things. I am particularly fond of Christmas for whatever reason. Most people find the tree and the cookies and the nonstop radio Christmas carols a nuisance, but I love it. The only thing I find tricky about Christmas is the gift-giving. Sometimes I have a really fantastic idea for someone, but sometimes I can't think of anything to save my life.
My absolute favorite gifts to give are custom-made by yours truly. Partly because I'm crafty, but also because they're always something the recipient could never have guessed in a million years.
This year I set myself on making a special gift for my friend Wendy (same Wendy from the comics below ^_^ ) Wendy collects Be@rbricks, 3" plastic bears that are painted to look like various pop culture characters/patterns/etc. But Wendy had often bemoaned the fact that some of her favorite, less popular characters would never be made into Be@rbricks. So I took it upon myself to fill in the gaps.
Here we have Chad from Tite Kubo's Bleach manga:

And Golden Age Flash of DC fame:

Ah, they're so shiny.
Regrettably, I snapped the arm joints on two of the others, so Be@rbrick Yotsuba and Be@rbrick One Piece flag will never see the light of day. T_T
Anyway, happy new year again! Do something awesome this year!