Saturday, December 11, 2010

february 2010 afterwords

I learned all kinds of things when I did this month's afterwords. I didn't know that the Sweethearts company picks a different theme every year for their line of slogans, and I never knew that the original printed hearts were more relevant to weddings than to Valentine's day. But in my Sweetheart research I also discovered something very sad: Necco seems to have changed the recipe! Normally, they taste just like those chalky Necco wafers. The pink ones were always a little icky, the white ones were minty, and the orange ones were divine. But the ones I bought this year were almost chewy, the texture was all off. And the flavor had lost all subtlety. Overpowering, artificial flavors that certainly weren't whispering "I love you" in my ear. And while I understand the changing times, I don't want a Sweetheart that says "tweet me." Any man who thinks twitter is a good place to cultivate a relationship is not someone I need be involved with.
So this afterword is my tribute to a classic. I hope they will bring back the original recipe. C'mon, guys. I'm single, buying candy for myself. You really gotta mess up the one good thing about Singles' Awareness Day for me?!

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