Tuesday, May 4, 2010

november 2008

Because it takes almost two months for YEN PLUS to hit stores once we've sent files to the printer, I had only just seen the first issue of YEN PLUS when I drew this one. It was a very nerve-wracking time because we weren't sure how fans were going to react to the anthology. And I was worried about getting hate mail...

The absolute happiest moment in Shrimp Art history happened at New York Comic Con 2009. I was working the Yen Press booth, handing out freebies, etc. There was a high school girl hovering in front of our table, seemingly unsure of whether or not she wanted to approach. At her friend's urging, she finally walked up to me...and asked if I would sign her magazine. ...HUH? I hardly knew what to do. Her friend said, "She's been wanting to talk to you all day," at which the girl promptly dropped her embarrassed gaze to the table. I think I was probably more embarrassed, though... So I autographed her magazine, and she told me she really liked my drawings (and I briefly wondered if we were talking about the same Shrimp Art). It made my day, just hearing from one girl that something I'd created mattered to her. I wish I'd had the presence of mind to draw a little something for her, but I was rather shocked and only barely scribbled out my signature. So Stephanie, thank you. Every Shrimp Art I draw, I think of you and hope that you are still enjoying. *^^*

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