Tuesday, May 4, 2010

september 2008

September 2008 starts the double strip style for Shrimp Art. I thought the reading order was pretty clear, but when I first showed the comic to my friends, they couldn't figure it out (though maybe that's just 'cause my jokes aren't very funny). For those of you who've never read a four-koma manga, each column is a separate entity, starting with the left column (though in most cases it doesn't matter if which side you read first).

Here's where the name Shrimp Art came from, quite against my will (I was tossing around "Yen and Ink" or "Insider Ink"). JuYoun thought it was funny that "Abby" sounds much like the word for "shrimp" in Japanese, as did her friends, it seems. At least the nickname has persisted. She still calls me "Shrimp" from time to time, and even though it sounds nothing like "Abby" or "ebi", her Korean friends know me by the Korean word for "shrimp". Ah, I wonder what they must think of me...

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