Saturday, May 8, 2010

january 2009

The "illness" strip is actually the first Shrimp Art sketch I drew. But I had to wait till a winter magazine release to use it. January seemed appropriate.
Whenever there are leftovers from meetings, they wind up in the pantry to be picked at by the rest of the staff. The children's division seemed to have a lot of meetings when we were up on their floor... Yen Press isn't really formal enough for any official meetings, aside from our weekly status update, which means no goodies. That's okay. There are plenty of late night karaoke sessions to make up for the lack of soggy catered sandwiches.
Also, the reason JuYoun dubbed this month's strip a "Tania Special" is because we realized poor Tania hadn't actually appeared in Shrimp Art since the first one where we introduced the team. Sorry, T.

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