Friday, April 16, 2010

the beginning.

The afternoon of New Year's Eve, I met with my dear friend N over pie and cribbage to discuss our resolutions for 2010. The coming of the new year generally means very little to me, so I could only come up with a couple of things I really wanted to tidy up in my life. "No, no," he told me. "You need at least ten resolutions. That way even if you flake out on a few, you still have some to fall back on." Now, it seemed foolish to me to resolve to do something, knowing from the start you wouldn't follow through on it, but given the unhappy, hectic state of my life at the time, I took his words to heart. Surely there must be ten things I can do in 2010 to make myself happier, healthier, etc. etc. And so, number ten on that list is this blog. I do a little one-page comic called "Shrimp Art" for the monthly comic magazine my company publishes, which my friends from home home have been asking to see since I began drawing it almost two years ago. But without regular computer access at my apartment, it seemed silly to start a blog. So at long last, here it is. Yes, it took me four months to get around to it, but by my theory of New Year's resolutions, you have all twelve months of the new year to accomplish your goals. Just because I got out of the starting gate a bit slow doesn't mean I've failed. Yet.

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